Here are some common questions and answers about the Transversor.

What is unique about the Transversor?

A couple of things are unique with the Transversor.

First its ability to mechanically detect very small changes in rotational speed.

Second the ability to react to a speed change above a certain threshold – m/s².

Third the mechanical jerk control, enabling a second threshold configuring the speed change duration – m/s³.

Is it the same as a centrifugal brake or clutch?

No, not at all.

A centrifugal technology is activated by the size of rotational speed (RPM) by leveraging centrifugal force. Centrifugal based technologies cannot detect speed changes. In may applications this poses a problem, especially when high speeds is something that needs to be prevented. Being able to detect the root cause of high speeds, i.e. speed increase, products can perform safer and without inherent restraints such as lower maximum capacity and increased resource utilization.

Does the Transversor activate by speed?

No. The Transversor senses changes is rotational speed (angular acceleration) and functions independent of the size of speed.

It does not matter how fast or slow something is rotating, activation is purely done when rotational speed decreases or increases i.e. positive or negative angular acceleration.

The Transversor utilizes the Euler force to detect changes in speed.

This technology must already exist?

We also thought so to before applying for a patent.

But after 7 approved patents, we have verified that the technology is unique. 

How complicated is the Transversor?

The Transversor is simple but at the same time complicated.

The Transversor design is uncomplcated, but the functionality why the it’s been desinged the way it has, is much more complicated. Many years has been spent perfecting the technology and still, everyday, we find new ways of achieving wanted results, and we are also discovering new application areas for the Transversor technology.

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